Monday, 30 April 2012

Tour Day 1 - Edinburgh (Sea Ghosts)

"here, do you guys BMX" said the the football loving shoe-less munchkin on ths stena line service out of belfast, this was just one of the stranger moments of a journey that took 9 hours over sea and road and ended up in stunning, vampire-esque edinburgh where steps were invented and it's ever so cold. beautiful though. after a few hours of calf-burning hill climbing we invested our time in some DIY sight seeing including maybe the best castle ever invented (even beating walt disney's hands down)we headed to Malone's for soundcheck. after a few minutes of terror, techinical horrors etc, things fell into place and we played for 2 hours to a very lovely bunch of people. we both tried out some brand new tunes which was a real blast and it was really cool that so many people hung out for a chat with us after the gig. all round great night. Big shout out to Keith and Dave (saviour). Time for sleep now...a whole 3 hrs and then back on the road. next stop is manchester. can't wait :) A & C xo

Saturday, 28 April 2012

UK Tour - Prelim/Intro/Somethin...

I've been pretty damn unreliable on the old updates from my beloved namesake site but this upcoming week is sure to be much more of a busier affair, I've promised myself look forward to the UK Tour diary as presented and lived by myself and Aaron Shanley (fellow wooden guitar warrior) and our head of business Jason (all round nice guy).
There'll be pics and blogging at a fierce level to keep y'all on the cusp of everything going down through our busy week of travelling, meeting new friends and playing some very sad songs, starting tomorrow bright and early to the lovely Edinburgh, and Malone's at 10pm

Hope you enjoy the read prior to each entry
Much love and good thoughts xo

UK Tour:
29th April - Malones, Edinburgh
30th April - Trof, Manchester
1st May - The Canteen, Bristol
2nd May - The Hobbit, Southampton
3rd May - The Regal Rooms, London
5th May - Proud, London